Battle Brew MCT Oil 500ml

R 120.00

Battle Brew MCT Oil is an ultra-pure Pharmaceutical Grade C8:0 C10:0 Caprylic/ Capric Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil. It is the perfect ingredient for Battleproof™ Coffee (aka Bulletproof Coffee) or as an addition to your daily nutrition.

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Please note that MCTs are a dietary supplement, not a magic bullet, a replacement for medication or a cure for any disease however they have been shown to be useful alongside medication in a number of cases.

Due to the fact that MCTS are processed by the liver and promote the production of ketones, those suffering from type I diabetes or who have liver disease or damage should consult a doctor before introducing them into their diet. It is also important to note that MCTs can cause yeast die off in people with candida and while this is a good thing, it can be an unpleasant experience.


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