2017 Bluetooth Ketonix Breath Ketone Analyser Kit - With Battery

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KETONIX Bluetooth 2017- In Stock

Although Ketolife (Pty) Ltd. is an independent company, it has close ties to us and we handle the sales and shipping for them.

Please note this is a device to monitor nutritional ketosis and is not a certified medical device. The Ketonix is not designed to diagnose or monitor any medical condition and is not suitable for Type 1 Diabetics to use to monitor ketone levels.

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  • Needs to be connected to an Android or Apple mobile device via Bluetooth. (PC and Mac desktop software available soon).
  • Powered by a computer with USB port, optional USB charger 5V or included 5V battery with USB port.
  • Hardware calibration controlled by software automatically
  • Ships pre-configured with the general visual feedback settings.
  • Measured results are presented in PPM acetone.
  • The visible feedback for offline measurements can be changed by user via downloadable software.
  • The included USB battery can now be plugged directly into the KETONIX® for measurements without needing to be connected to a Mac or PC.
  • Weight: 40 gr (total weight 260 gr).
  • Size: length 130 mm, diameter 25 mm.
  • Power: From computer USB port, included USB battery or USB charger power supply (not included).
  • What is included: Ketonix Bluetooth  version, USB cable, an extra mouthpiece, a manual and a KETONIX zipper case (15x10x5 cm)

This device and battery have a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Any additional guarantee offered by Ketonix international does not apply to units we supply including the 30 day money back guarantee.