Mito Fuel Kit

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MitoFuel was designed to revive sluggish cells and mitochondria and nurse your cells back to full functionality and as such, it contains all the nutritional components that are required to do this. It by no means contains all the nutrients and micro-nutrients that your body needs to function and most of these still must come from a nutrient rich diet, not a bottle. In fact, many people find that they crave more nutrient dense foods when they start taking MitoFuel.

Your Mitofuel kit you will include 4 bottles (30 day supply):

  • Revive
    • Revive is a combination of the main components responsible for returning your reactivated mitochondria to optimal health. It consists of seven capsules a day to be taken four in the morning and three in the evening, with or without meals.
  • Thrive
    • Thrive is a unique blend of Brewer’s Yeasts, designed to feed hungry mitochondria. As this blend, can initially cause bloating in those with gut imbalances, it has been separated into its own capsule set. Normal dosage is three capsules twice a day with or without meals however if bloating occurs dosage should be reduced to one capsule twice a day and slowly increased over 10-14 days.
  • NAD+
    • This bottle contains the NAD+ booster Nicotinamide. Dosage is one capsule daily taken in the evening with a meal containing healthy fat.
  • Vitamin D3
    • Vitamin D3 is essential for all the mitochondrial energy processes to function correctly so we have provided 1000iu capsules to be taken once a day.

So, who should consider taking Mitofuel? This balanced proprietary formula of mitochondrial boosters is ideal for people suffering from low energy or insulin resistance to help kick-start their mitochondrial function? At the same time, it is perfect for the athlete who is looking to push a little harder for longer and is looking to take their performance to the next level.

MitoFuel is not intended to replace any medication or treat any disease or medical problem.

Contra Indications:

  • While all the above components have been established to be generally safe and within the recommended daily allowance for these nutrients, some people may have sensitivity to the ingredients and they should not take this product without clearance from a medical professional. Additionally, if any unlikely reaction or unforeseen symptoms occur after consuming MitoFuel, use should be discontinued immediately. If the symptoms do not subside after discontinuing, advice should be sought from a medical professional.
  • If you are on chronic or prescription medication, you should check with your doctor before taking MitoFuel.
  • Some individuals may initially experience protein cravings due to an increased demand for amino acids with the up-regulated mitochondrial function.
  • Safety during pregnancy or while breast feeding has not been established and as such we do not recommend taking MitoFuel if you fall into either category.
  • This product is not intended for use by children under the age of 16 years and should be kept out of the reach children.